Advantages of the plant at a glance

Erection and Testing prior to Shipment

The components are erected and all motors, screws etc. run through a test phase.


Low Transport Costs

Each plant component is supplied in a 100% ISO seacontainer, which has been inspected and certified by Germanischer Lloyd. Containerization means: no low loaders, no excess width, no excess weight, lowest container freight rates and fast transport.


No Concrete Foundations

The ground area of the containers ensures stability on compacted soil.


Short Erection and Dismantling Time

The crane is just required for a short period and the plant is ready to operate after one week and can be dismantled within a few days. Therefore the plant may be considered mobile.


Weather Protection

The housing of components within the rigid containers provide full protection and maintenance safety.


Environmental Friendly

The LINTEC containerized plant operates with low noise and dust emissions (< 20 mg/Nm3). The loss of process generated heat to the atmosphere is reduced due to enclosed containerization.

Processing of up to 30% recycled material is possible. This optional equipment is also installed in containers.


Energy Saving

Considerable saving of energy costs is achieved by the LINTEC screening drum mounting. This eliminates the hot elevator associated with other tower plants. The LINTEC screening drum combines the heating and screening of the minerals in a single process unit thus eliminating process heat loss due to material transportation. The heated minerals also benefit from the conducted heat from the drum shell thus effecting further savings.


For Screen Drum Plant No Hot Elevator Required

Only cold material is conveyed to the top of the plant. The flow of hot material follows the natural way – from top to bottom.


Plant Building Concept

The LINTEC tower plant comprises of stacked containers that provide a pleasing industrial factory view. Twin stacked containers have a fully protected central stairway that provides easy access to each container floor.


Plant Security

The plant tower can only be accessed via one main lockable security door thus preventing unauthorized access to the plant, theft and vandalism.



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