CRV’s Rollercoaster Journey: OTC Deals, Market Manipulation Fears, and Beyond

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• DWF Labs recently moved 2 million CRVs to an exchange, sparking speculation and negative sentiment regarding the project.
• Andrei Grachev explained that the tokens were transferred for trading purposes, not liquidation.
• The situation arose due to a hack incident involving Curve Finance that put Michael Egorov at risk of liquidation due to his substantial debt position.

DWF Labs Moves 2 Million CRV Tokens

DWF Labs recently moved 2 million CRVs to an exchange, prompting speculation and negative sentiment towards the project. Andrei Grachev , leader of DWF Labs, stated that the tokens were transferred for trading purposes rather than liquidation.

Background of Curve Finance Hack Incident

The transfer was prompted by a hack incident involving Curve Finance which caused a sharp decline in the value of CRV tokens. This posed a significant risk to Michael Egorov’s loan position as he had utilized CRV as collateral for his loans worth over $110 million spread across multiple DeFi protocols.

OTC Arrangement

In order to avert this potential disaster, Andrei Grachev and other parties involved in the OTC arrangement provided funds as additional collateral for Egorov’s outstanding debt. This action prevented any further losses from occurring but raised questions about possible market manipulation.

Movement To Binance Exchange

Andrei Grachev then revealed plans to move 2 million CRV tokens to Binance for trading purposes, reigniting speculations about potential market manipulation and further fueling negative sentiments towards the project.


The current situation surrounding Curve [CRV] presents a captivating narrative with implications on DeFi projects and rising fears of market manipulation through OTC arrangements. Although it appears that crisis has been averted in this instance, only time will tell how events will unfold moving forward with regards to CRV’s future prospects.

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